K9 Kuts Dog Grooming Services

Every customer receives a Pre-Groom Consultation with a member of staff. We like to find out medical history, any skin complaints, likes and dislikes and how the owner wants their dog to look. These details are recorded on our computer system so when the customer returns to us all details are accessible to all members of staff. We will know what treatment your dog received, what style, how long or short the fur was trimmed, and the dog’s behavior.

Some groomers only groom dogs to show styles. At K9 Kuts we understand that the majority of our customers are pets and not show dogs. Show style isn’t always practical, so we Style the dogs to the Owner’s Preference and if that means cutting off all the feathers or just a light trim we will do exactly that.

Some owners come to us with a puppy of a particular breed and they do not know how this breed should look, so we give Advice and always say if you would like it longer or shorter next time please let us know!

Whilst grooming the dogs we always do a General Health Check. We look for foreign bodies, skin irritations, grass seeds, ear infections, lumps and bumps and any general areas of discomfort.